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My Diary is an easy-to-use, free app that lets you save and store your own thoughts, memories, secrets, life events, notes or other confidential information and sync them via Google Drive between all Android devices you use.

Key Features:

  • Lock diary with Password or PIN + Fingerprint.
  • Save, browse, search and share diary entries on your smartphone and tablet.
  • Organize diary entries by categories.
  • Sort diary entries by date created, date updated, title and category.
  • Manage categories.
  • Navigate between diary entries in a horizontal position.
  • Manage backups.
  • Export notes to Text file and HTML.
  • Sync diary entries via Google Drive between all Android devices you use.
  • Keep your diary entries safe in the cloud.
  • Store and display thousands of diary entries without any performance penalty.
  • Store large diary entries.
  • Dark theme
  • Theme color.
  • Night mode.

Premium Features:

  • No ads
  • Sync options > Auto sync *
  • Backup > Preview
  • Backup > Export > Text file and HTML

* Manual sync also works in the free version

My Diary is available in the following languages: English, Čeština (Czech), Deutsch (German), Español (Spanish), Français (French), Italiano (Italian), Magyar (Hungarian), Polski (Polish), Português (Portuguese), Português Brasil (Portuguese Brazil), Slovenčina (Slovak), Pусский (Russian), Українська (Ukrainian).

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