This privacy policy is designed to provide transparency to your use of KreoSoft application My Notes - Notepad for Android devices. This application allows you to write and manage notes.

Last modified: May 14, 2022

User provided information

If you request information or technical support, your personal data (such as your email address) is used only to respond to specific inquiry.


App data can be synchronized with your own cloud account at Google Drive™. Thus you can easily restore your data from the cloud to your new Android device. Your Android devices can also synchronize with each other via the cloud.

App data is stored in a hidden folder on your Google Drive. For security reasons this folder is accessible only by “My Notes” app.

Please visit Google’s privacy policy to learn how Google treats your personal data and protects your privacy when using Google Services (Google Drive in this case).


My Notes app may display banner ads served by AdMob. Advertising helps us to keep our app free for you to use. Ads are not displayed in the “Premium” version.

AdMob is an advertising service provided by AdMob Google Inc. AdMob may use and collect anonymous data about your interests to customize advertising in our app. To do that AdMob uses unique user-resettable Advertising ID, provided by Google Play services. Advertising ID enables users to reset their identifier or opt out of personalized ads (interest-based ads) within Google Play apps (including our app).

In order to understand Google’s use of Data, consult Google’s partner policy.

Opt out of personalized ads

To opt out of seeing personalized ads on your Android device, follow the instructions:

  1. In your main “Settings” app, scroll down and tap “Google”.
  2. Tap “Ads”.
  3. Switch on “Opt out of Ads Personalization” (Android 11 and lower) or tap “Delete advertising ID” (Android 12 and higher).

Please note that if you choose to “opt out” it does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising. It just means that the advertising you see displayed will not be customized to you and your interests and may be less relevant to you.

Required permissions

Depending on the Android version, the permission names may be different.

My Notes app requires the following permissions:

  • Network access:
    Permission is required to synchronize data with your Google Drive, make a purchase through Google Play billing service, load ads from AdMob.

  • Google Play billing:
    Permission is required to allow the user to purchase Premium license through Google Play from within this app.

  • Toggle sync on or off & sync settings:
    Permissions are required due to synchronization purposes.

  • Fingerprint:
    Permission is required to unlock app with Fingerprint.

  • Run at startup:
    Permission is required to set Reminders after starting the device.

  • Vibration:
    Permission is required to allow the app to control the vibrator.

  • Storage (required only for Android 9 and lower):
    Permission is required due to Export & Backup/Restore purposes.

  • Your accounts (required only for Android 7.1 and lower):
    Permission is required to authenticate access to your Google Drive due to synchronization purposes.


The synchronization engine uses protected HTTP Secure (HTTPS) for all the data being sent over the Internet.

Your notes on your Google Drive are stored in non-human readable format (encoded). Note that no other app can access My Notes app data on your Google Drive.

Your consent

By using My Notes app, you consent to this Privacy Policy.

Policy changes

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. We will notify you of any changes to My Notes privacy policy by posting the new privacy policy. You are advised to consult this privacy policy regularly for any changes, as continued use is deemed approval of all changes.


If you have any questions about My Notes privacy policy please contact us via email at