My Notes – Frequenty Asked Questions


Where is my application data stored on Google Drive after Sync?

Application data is stored in a hidden folder on your Google Drive. This folder is accessible only by “My Notes” app. Although the folder is hidden you can see the amount of space it occupies and delete its contents.

  1. Go to Google Drive on the web at
  2. From the settings menu, select “Manage apps”.
  3. Find the application called “KreoSoft – My Notes”


I forgot my PIN/Password. Can I reset it?

Yes, you can reset your PIN or Password, but only if you’ve set your security email address.


I purchased Premium. Can I restore Premium on my other devices?

Yes. Your Premium license is associated with your Google Account from which the purchase was made. You should install the app from Google Play store from the same Google Account from which the purchase was made.


I created a Backup file in My Notes app. I saved the Backup file to my Google Drive. How can I restore data from my Backup file?

Please download your Backup file (e.g. MyNotes_20180101_0101.bkp) to your device. Please open “Manage Backups” in app settings. There will be created backups folder (..\KreoSoft\MyNotes\Backups). After that please copy your Backup file into that folder. Please reopen “Manage Backups” in app settings and restore data from selected Backup file.